My answer over my life (golf swing version)

I still remember the words my friend taught me when I was a student. He is a professional golfer who still has a relationship with his friend. He is a driver and a long hitter who always exceeds 300 yards. At that time he was a 9-iron and was more than my 6-iron. During one evening round, I asked him, "Why do you fly so much?" The answer was, "The harder you hit the ball, the less it bends."

At that time, my handicap was "1", but I didn't understand the meaning of this word at all. It wasn't until more than 10 years later that I understood the meaning of this word "after a traffic accident." In order to continue playing golf even with my injured body, I learned the meaning of "the word has" when I changed all the ways of thinking and swinging golf that I had been doing since I was a kid. Until then, I always thought, "If you hit hard, the ball will bend." That's why I was scared to hit a shot. The fear of "I don't know where the ball will fly" leads to "I don't know how to hit" and even upsets "shots that I was able to hit normally". "I've been hitting the ball every day" to overcome my fear, but there was no radical solution.

The turning point was a traffic accident, but I was able to overcome the "fear" I had had since I started playing golf. This video is attached with the contents.